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P531: Midday Panel 2: What Will It Take for Every Child to Have a Seat at a High-Performing School? in Ripple Spring 2010 (Apr. 24, 2010)
In Chicago and across the country, low-income and minority communities have historically been denied public schools that adequately prepare children for success in college. This reality has a devastating impact on the life options of urban students. It limits their professional opportunities, earning potential, and can lock families in cycles of poverty. One approach to reversing this trend is the Turnaround model, which is grounded in the idea that every child can succeed when held to high expectations; surrounded by expert teachers; all within a safe and orderly learning environment. This panel will draw on the perspectives of students, teachers, and school leaders who have gone through the school turnaround process. Hear their stories and join the discussion as we tackle the question, “What Will It Take for Every Child to Have a Seat at a High-Performing School?”