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College/Employer: Gage Park High School

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T537: The Greatest Civics Project Evah. The Difference Between "Studying" for Something and "Doing" Something. in Ripple Spring 2010 (Apr. 24, 2010)
A discussion of how to modify your curriculum to create real world learning experiences for your students and the challenging task of measuring achievement. This session will explore the creative changes I have implemented in my classroom over the course of many years, from sneaking it in without a principal's knowledge to finally receiving full and open support from a building's administration. The years of effort finally resulted in what I call the "Greatest Civics Project Evah." The lessons learned from shepherding/facilitating a student led project. How I observed students who transitioned from resenting their impoverished community to being agents of change. A true story of serendipity and perseverance that I still find hard to believe, and I lived it. Quick Bio: Victor Harbison, civics teacher at Gage Pak High School, was the first high school social studies teacher in Chicago Public Schools to achieve National Board Certification. He has worked on school reform and educational policy in many venues, including a stint as a blogger for the New York Times and columnist Nicholas Kristoff during the 08-09 school year.