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T539: Entrepreneurial Empowerment in Ripple Spring 2010 (Apr. 24, 2010)
The workshop explores the power of peer mentoring, structured goal-setting and business planning in developing the leadership skills of urban youth. We'll give insight into our own experiences in running Moneythink, an undergraduate mentor program that aims to teach urban youth the basics of entrepreneurship and personal finance. We'll also run a few in class workshops geared to learning to teach goal-setting and critical thinking, and finish the class with an open discussion on the effective methods of teaching leadership. Some of the key questions are: What motivates youth to take initiative? What constitutes leadership, and why would a high school student choose to become a leader? What are some traits that most or all of youth leaders have in common?

B11: How to make $1,000,000 without really trying: An Intro to Investing and Personal Finance in CASCADE (2009)
Do you hate working hard for money? This class aims to give you the knowledge and tools to go from ...