On-Site Volunteering (Not available this year)

 Splash, Droplet and Cascade depend on the efforts of volunteers to run smoothly. Whether you're helping our students choose and find their classes, coaxing our speakers and projectors into cooperating with our teachers, or serving lunch to the hungry hordes---if you could be our hands, eyes, voices, or feet for even an hour, it would make a tremendous difference! E-mail us if you are interested! ## At Your School

For High School Teachers and Administrators

Do you work with students at a high school in Chicago? We could use your help in reaching out to your students!

For High School Students

Do you attend a high school in Chicago? Tell your friends! Many students find us through word of mouth. If you want to help shape the future of Splash, you might be interested in becoming a student representative! You can also just talk to us at one of our events; we'll listen!

For Students

Elsewhere Are you far away from the University of Chicago? You might be able to find or start another Splash! Check out our umbrella organization, Learning Unlimited, for more information! Since our programs will run virtually until further notice, you can reach out to teach from anywhere.

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