Splash! Chicago

The Board

The Splash! Chicago board is a team of University of Chicago students who work together to plan events like Splash and Cascade.

Board DirectorMichael Hanna
Student DirectorsChloe Lindeman & James Zhou
Teacher Director Neha Lingareddy
TreasurerJohn Ingold
Board Member At-Large Gabrielle Roberts & Ingie Sorour

Splash! is a Community Service Registered Student Organization at UChicago, under the oversight of the University Community Service Center.

The Teachers

Our teachers are drawn from the University of Chicago community and are mostly UChicago undergraduates.

The Supporters

Splash! Chicago owes much of its success to the help of many other people and organizations.

The History

Splash! Chicago was founded in 2007 by:

  • Luke Joyner
  • Race Wright
  • Anya Thetford
  • Nalika Vasudevan

We were inspired by the Educational Studies Program at MIT, which ran their first Splash in 1988 and has had a Cascade-like program since 1957. Our first Splash ran in Fall 2007 under the oversight of the Civic Knowledge Project, and our first Cascade took place in Winter 2009.

Our umbrella organization Learning Unlimited was started in 2009 out of a shared desire between organizers at MIT, Stanford, and UChicago to spread Splash to other universities.

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