Splash Chicago
5801 S. Ellis Ave.
Chicago, IL 60637

Email: splashchicago@gmail.com
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Splash! Chicago organizes free educational programs on the UChicago campus for Chicago area high school students. UChicago students volunteer with us to teach classes on their passions—often topics that don't ordinarily fit into a high school curriculum. Our hope is that the experience will help students discover a passion for a subject, and more broadly a passion for learning.

Programs offered

All of Splash! Chicago's programs are free and take place on the UChicago campus:

  • Splash, our namesake event, is a one-day, all-day program on a Saturday. Splash 2022 will be on Saturday, Feb. 5. Registration is open here.

  • Cascade is a 5-week program which meets on Tuesday evenings in the spring (April and May).

  • Droplet is a 1-day afternoon program on a Saturday. Droplet 2022 will be on Saturday, Nov. 12th.

Help out!

Do you work with students at a high school in Chicago? We could use your help in reaching out to your students!

  • Tell your students! Many students still find us through word of mouth.

  • Distribute fliers! Contact us to obtain these; when registration is open, we'll also have a file you can print yourself.

  • Invite us to visit your school! Whenever a program is open for registration, we run student registration drives at local schools; if you can help us arrange one of these, our student recruitment team would love to work with you! For more information, email us or call us at 773-789-7347. We'll be in touch!

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