We encourage you to send your kids to Splash or Cascade! Our programs are designed to inspire a passion for learning in high school students, and our students have an overwhelmingly positive experience. All of our programs are free. This year, all our programs will be offered virtually online. (Under normal years, our programs take place on the University of Chicago campus:  )

  • Droplet is a 1-day afternoon event on a Saturday. This year, Droplet will take place in January 2021, and will take place online, over the free videoconferencing platform Zoom! Instructions for connecting to joining these classes will be given closer to the day of the program to registered students. 

  • Splash is a 1-day event often in the spring. We are not offering Splash this year.

  • Cascade is a 5-week winter program which meets on Tuesday evenings starting April 13. This year (2021), Cascade will be offered online in the spring.    

How to register

Advance registration online is recommended (our classes sometimes fill up), but is not required; we do let students register on-site. However, for our 2021 programs, held over Zoom, we highly recommend prior registration. We intend to do digital on-site registration as well via Zoom, email, and phone, but prior registration is recommended to receive Zoom links in a timely manner. Registration for Cascade 2021 will open soon!

Each student should create an account on this website to register and choose classes. Each program's registration is open for about a month before the program starts.

While your child is in class

To promote a learning environment where the students feel in charge and comfortable participating freely in discussions, we ask that parents refrain from following their children into classes. In cases of need such as learning disabilities, we can make exceptions—please ask!

If you'll be around for the day, consider having a look at the museums on campus and nearby:

Many more options are listed on the Wikitravel site!

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