Registration for Cascade 2021 is currently closed.

Check back next academic year for our coming programs!If you are interested in being notified about our future programs, register your email here.

Teaching for Splash! Chicago

At Splash! Chicago, our classes are powered by you, that is, UChicago students, both undergrad and graduate (and post-docs)!

To apply, you will need

Register your classes online now! We'll ask:

  • How to contact you

  • When you're available on the dates of Cascade 2021 (beginning 4/13/2021)

  • Titles and descriptions for your classes (note)

  • We'll also ask some logistical questions (e.g. class size) to help us plan for your class

What next?

  1. Plan your class. We'll be in touch with updates including the time and location of your class.
  2. Go set up and teach your class! 1.We'll e-mail you about student evaluations and your evaluations of us. We look forward to seeing what you can do!

We also love to have students from other nearby universities teach with us. We believe teaching should be fun and rewarding for both teachers and students, so we invite you to bring your passion to the classroom, and teach about something that excites you! We'll find students that want to learn. We'll also provide you with training, and help fund any classroom supplies you need. Teaching with Splash can be as low or as high time-commitment as you want. We have two one-day programs, and one multi-week program, so you can try out teaching before deciding if you want to want to get more involved!

Year at a glance

Splash! Cascade Droplet
What? Teach classes for high school students on whatever you like for a day—and as few or as many classes as you like! Teach a class that meets once a week for five weeks. Teach hands-on classes for high school students for one afternoon!
How? Registration for teachers is now closed Registration for teachers is now closed. Registration for teachers is now closed.
When? Splash will not be held this year.  Tuesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30, starting April 13, 2021. The afternoon of January 16, 2021.
Who? All undergraduates, graduate students, post-docs, alumni, and community members can teach!


Please keep in mind that Splash! Chicago serves to protect the well-being of our high school students, parents, schools and the University of Chicago. Given our responsibility to these entities, occasionally we may ask teachers to modify their classes. Topics that raise concerns include those that may inadvertently promote sex, violence, drug use, etc. Please don’t hesitate to notify us if you think your class may push the boundaries of what is traditionally acceptable of minors to learn. We look forward to working with you!

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