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If you are a high school student in Chicago and want to come to UChicago for some fun classes, you are in the right place!


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2022 Information

Register here for Droplet 2022. Registration opens on Oct 24th, 2022. Classes fill up quickly and have a max capacity, so register as soon as possible. The full class catalog can be found here. Let us know if you have questions: splashchicago@gmail.com.

Droplet Cascade Splash!
What: Up to two classes in one afternoon. Up to two classes, meeting once a week for five weeks. Up to six classes in one day.
When: Nov. 12th 2022 from 1:40-4:30 pm (virtual) Cascade will take place on Thursdays from April 21st to May 19th, 2022.  Splash will take place on Saturday, February 5th, 2022.
Who: Open to all high school students throughout the Chicago area.
Cost This program is free!
Where: On the University of Chicago Campus in Hyde Park.
How do I sign up: See yellow text above.
What you need: Contingent on class.

We will begin with an opening ceremony 1:40-1:55 pm, and finish with a closing ceremony 4-4:30 pm where there will be a raffle!!

Class Schedule for Droplet 2022

2:00 - 2:55 p.m. 3:00 - 3:55 p.m.
1. Membrane Proteins in the Body! 1. Exploring the World of Norse Mythology
2. A study of mutants: what causes cancer? 2. A study of mutants: what causes cancer?
3. Understanding your Brain: Learning, Memory, and Artificial Intelligence 3. Understanding your Brain: Learning, Memory, and Artificial Intelligence 
4. The Neuroscience of Movement & Brain-Computer Interfaces 4. Flying Fish, Drilling Clams, and Swimming Sloths: The Science of Adaptations
5. Music: Harmonics in Harmony

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