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5801 S. Ellis Ave.
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General program information

Where are you programs held?

Most classes will be held in person in Harper Hall on the University of Chicago campus, 1116 East 59th Street in the Hyde Park neighborhood. Specific classroom numbers will be provided when you sign up for any of our in-person programs, and we can provide CTA passes for free if needed for your commute.

How much does this cost?
All Splash programs are completely free to attend.

For more information, please email us

What is it?
Droplet is a one-day program for high school students to learn about interesting topics they may never have encountered in traditional high school curriculum. Like Splash, Droplet allows students to meet college students and other high school students in a fun context. Droplet is completely free to attend. A list of the Droplet 2024 classes and descriptions can be found here

When is it?
Droplet 2024 will be Saturday, February 17th, 2024 from 2:00 - 4:00 PM.

How do I sign up?
To participate, please first fill out a profile and register for the program by clicking the tab "Portal Droplet 2024" (also linked here). Online student registration closes Friday, February 16th, but same-day registration will be available in-person during Droplet! 


What is it?
Splash brings high school students from all over Chicago to the University of Chicago campus for one Saturday. The high school students take short classes taught by college and graduate students in areas that teachers are really passionate about. The program brings together graduate, college, and high school students and exposes high school students to topics they may not be able to access in a traditional high school curriculum. Past classes have covered topics ranging from genetic engineering and dystopian fiction to dance and introductory Mongolian. The focus is on teaching unusual and engaging classes that keep learning fun. Splash is 100% FREE to attend.

When is it?
Splash is a one-day weekend program (up to 5 classes!) held in the Winter.

What is it?
Cascade! is a five-week program for high school students that exposes them to interesting topics they may never have seen before in high school. Like Splash!, Cascade! allows students to meet college students and other high school students in a fun context. Unlike Splash!, Cascade! allows students to explore topics in a bit more depth than a one-day program can allow and to get to know their teachers. Students take classes in one or two time slots, with several in each slot. Each class will meet five times, one hour every Tuesday afternoon/evening for five consecutive weeks. There will be no testing or grades, but there may be small amounts of homework assigned from week to week in some classes. Attendance at all sessions is required, but if you must miss a class please be sure to tell your teacher in advance.

When is it?
Cascade takes place over 5 weeks in the Spring and you can take up to 2 classes. Classes are one weekday per week in the evenings and dinner is provided.

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