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KAY LAPRE, Hey I'm Kay :)

Major: Neurobiology

College/Employer: UChicago

Year of Graduation: G

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I'm a biochemist and neurobiologist and I hope to spend my career studying genetic mutations associated with neurodegenerative diseases, especially Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.
I love hiking through my home state, Rhode Island, with my Catahoula Leopard dog Maya the Moo Cow. On my days off, find me making earrings or drawing, reading murder mysteries. tending to my plants, and cooking, An ADHD girl, aspiring to grow up to be Ms. Frizzle: the college edition.

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S1902: Understanding your Brain: Learning, Memory and Artificial Intelligence in Droplet Fall 2022 (Nov. 12, 2022)
When you see a cow, how do you know it’s a cow? How do you know it’s a cow, and not a horse? How do our brains represent and process information? In this interactive class, we will discuss how neuroscientists study they ways in which the brain learns to classify objects, and how AI can help us to better understand this process. Students will have the chance to form their own hypotheses and test them on real neuronal data.