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H530: Midday Panel 1: What is Education? (Teaching the Craft) in Ripple Spring 2010 (Apr. 24, 2010)
In this panel, several panelists from a wide variety of backgrounds will discuss what they consider to be education, and what public education would look like in a perfect world. They will each present a very brief (5-10 minute) demo lesson about a skill they’ve mastered. Panelists will include: - Robert Lee, a corporate veteran who now works as a consultant for non-for-profit organizations, and an expert bee keeper. Mr. Lee is interested in improving education by addressing questions such as why American students lag behind Asian students in math and science. - Chheng Lim, a University of Chicago graduate who started and sold her first real estate investment company while in college, and joined a Beverly Hills based private equity real estate company after college. Ms. Lim was also assistant producer of a documentary series that aired primetime across China on CCTV. She continues to have interests in real estate, architecture, investments, and media. - Elisa Shoenberger, a University of Chicago graduate who received her MA in Latin American Studies from the University of Wisconsin with a specialization in Cuban History. Ms. Shoenberger currently works at the Art Institute of Chicago, and is interested in the role of popular art forms, such as comics, in propaganda. - Ivanhoe Tejeda holds a BA in Architecture from IIT and an M.Ed from UIC. Mr. Tejeda teaches Architecture, Fine Arts, and College Success at Harold Washington College. He believes in being more of a guide and facilitator than a teacher, balancing formal and informal education to prepare students to be positive contributors to society.

T533: Rogue Engineering Skills (Lockpicking 101) in Ripple Spring 2010 (Apr. 24, 2010)
Presented by Eric Michaud of TOOOL and Christina Pei. Eric Michaud, co-founder of The Open Organization of Lockpickers US and founder of Chicago’s hackerspace Pumping Station: One, has been teaching lockpicking as a hobby for many years. Mr. Michaud will demonstrate James Bond-esque techniques in a basic course in lockpicking as an example of an alternative, kinesthetic approach to teaching mechanics.

Opening Panel: Creativity in Urban Education in RIPPLE (2010)
Ripple will open with a panel discussion featuring Tim King, Bill Ayers, Tim Knowles, and Christina Pei, and moderated by ...