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E1423: Rebuilding Japan, General MacArthur and whether to nuke China in Splash Spring 15 (May. 02, 2015)
After World War II Japan was devastated, the Allies appointed General MacArthur to rebuild the broken country as an ally of the United States. Learn about what obstacles he and the cabinet of SCAP (Supreme Commander for Allied Powers) overcame, and how MacArthur's deteriorating mental status almost doomed their efforts.

A1401: The History of Japan from Shogun to Shinzo Abe in Cascade Winter 2015 (Jan. 27, 2015)
Learn the basics of Japanese history! We will be moving through history exploring how Japan has risen and fallen in international power and influence. Starting from Japan's early emperors we will track the rise and fall of imperial rule. How did the Shogun gain power? And why did Japan cut themselves off from the world? We will follow the intervention of foreigners into Japan and find out how the small isolated island nation survived Western interference while China crumpled. We will see how Japan rose, conquering their neighbors and striking a blow at the United States and fell again crushed under the weight of the first offensively deployed nuclear weapons.