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TEMPEST WISDOM, Semi-professional Theater Geek

Major: TAPS

College/Employer: UChicago

Year of Graduation: 2018

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Tempest has been doing improv for four years, starting on her high school's competitive improv team. Her team got to perform at All-State, which put them in the top 3% of improv teams in the state of Iowa that year. Now she's a part of Attori Senza Paura, UChicago's Commedia dell'Arte troupe. Aside from improv, Tempest has been involved in plays, musicals, and other competitive speech events. She loves all things theater, and hopes that her class will give students a quick glimpse into the theatrical universe.

Past Classes

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A1415: Improv Crash Course in Splash Spring 15 (May. 02, 2015)
Come learn the basics of short-form improvisation by playing a bunch of (ridiculously silly) acting games!