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JARED DAVIS, 'Veteran' Splash Instructor

Major: Education - English Teaching

College/Employer: Northwestern University

Year of Graduation: 2011

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I graduated of The University of Chicago (BA, 2008) and currently attend Northwestern University's School of Education and Social Policy. I've taught many Splash classes and I look forward to teaching many more.

Past Classes

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L573: Stargazing and Storytelling in Splash! Fall 2010 (Oct. 02, 2010)
The night sky has long been a source of inspiration to people worldwide. In this class, we will look at images of constellations, stars, and planets, and retell the compelling stories told to commemorate the cosmos. We will also learn some basic astronomy so that you can navigate the heavens from you own window. This is a good opportunity if you are interested in astronomy, history, literature, and/or physics.

A241: Photography: Practice and Theory in Splash! 2008 (Oct. 04, 2008)
Photography is the only art form whose use widely available to a mass audience: if you can afford it, you can buy a high quality digital camera. But what makes a good photograph, and can photographs even be considered art? In this class, we'll review the basics of photography, how to improve your photography skills, and various theories arguing, for and against, photography as an art form.

L242: How to Read a Film in Splash! 2008 (Oct. 04, 2008)
Since the introduction of cinema at the turn of the 20th century, many critics and moviegoers have explored what makes films interesting, entertaining, and valuable as artworks. In this class, we will review the basic elements of film and watch important examples from the history of cinema.

A2: How to Watch a Movie: the Aesthetics of Cinema in CASCADE (2009)
In this class on cinema aesthetics, we will discuss the basics of filmmaking and criticism. In five weeks, we will ...

A3: Arguments and Rhetoric: How to Win Audiences and Influence People in CASCADE (2009)
How can some people be more persuasive than others? What kind of techniques does a speaker use to gain the ...