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Major: Biology

College/Employer: UChicago

Year of Graduation: Not available.

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A908: Exercise Physiology: The Science of Talented Athletes in Cascade! Fall 2011 (Oct. 18, 2011)
One thing that people don’t know very much about in today’s society is the biological mechanisms of exercise. What happening when your muscles get bigger? How are they getting stronger? Is this muscle milk going to make me bigger? And finally, great scott, how did he manage to dunk from the free-throw line? This class will start out with some of the basics of exercise physiology, including the respiratory and circulatory system, then some basic nutritional science linked with how our bodies store and used the energy from different foods. The class will culminate with a class on the effects of different performing enhancing drugs.

S638: The Biology of Aging and Living Forever in Splash! Fall 2010 (Oct. 02, 2010)
This class will discuss longevity and aging. It will explain the biological basics of how and why we age and where we are now with anti-aging. We will also talk about the future of longevity and technologies that are still 30 to 40 years away.