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A1267: How to Be Wise: Philosophy 101 in Cascade! Winter 2014 (Jan. 28, 2014)
How do we know life isn't just a dream? Do we have control over our actions? Is it right to push a large man off a bridge to stop a speeding train careening towards helpless track workers? These are the types of questions that we'll be asking--and maybe even answering--in this philosophy class. Philosophy, which literally means “the love of wisdom,” is unlike any other subject you’ve taken in school. When we study it, we don’t simply learn concepts; but rather, we question everything we’ve previously taken for granted and try to give an account of our own answers to the most basic, fundamental questions. We do so with the hope that all this thinking, questioning, and arguing will help us lead better, happier lives. In this class, we'll start by thinking about what philosophy is exactly, and then we'll engage with some “central questions” of philosophy. By the end, you'll have learned how to ponder “philosophical” or fundamental questions, and maybe you'll even learn how to be wise.