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Major: Cancer Biology

College/Employer: UChicago

Year of Graduation: G

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S1908: Cancer biology: A study in uncontrolled growth in Cascade Spring 2023 (Apr. 20 - May. 18, 2023)
Roughly 1.8 million people in the US will be diagnosed with cancer this year- but what exactly is this disease? This course will be a broad introduction to cancer biology and current field research. Topics will include cell cycle dysregulation, mechanisms of chemotherapeutics and radiation, introduction to immunotherapy, gene therapy, global and US-based health disparities, and what researchers are doing to better understand the disease.

S1903: A study of mutants: What causes cancer? in Droplet Fall 2022 (Nov. 12, 2022)
This class will be an intro to cancer fundamentals, covering concepts such as 1. What is cancer? 2. What factors drive conversion from healthy cells to cancerous cells? 3. What are some common mutations in cancer? 4. What environmental factors can cause cancer?