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Art, Music, and Performance

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A1279: Write Your Own Silly Lyrics!
Difficulty: *

Have you ever wanted to write a song parody like Weird Al does? Of course you have! So bring in something to sing about, and let's make it happen! Along the way we'll pick up some tidbits about rhyme, meter, and singable words—which are of course applicable to much more than song parodies.

Ability to sing is not required.

A1281: How to Move on Stage
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Margeaux Perkins

"Moving's easy!" You tell yourself, but when you get up onstage, something happens: your body betrays you and you become AWKWARD. Some of the most terrible performances we see are due to the actor's lack of natural movement. In this course we'll learn how to move naturally on stage, utilizing movement exercises and games from various facets of the theatre world (dance, improv, etc.). We'll wrap up the class by performing assigned monologues with perfectly natural movement.

Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes so you can move around freely!

A1273: History of Fashion Design
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Alicia French

Throughout this two-hour course, students will learn about the development of fashion from its roots in 1700s France to the present day, with a focus on womenswear. Particular emphasis will be placed on the most famous contributions to the fashion industry from innovators such as Charles Worth, Madeline Vionnet, Coco Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli, Cristobal Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent, and Rei Kawakubo, amongst others. At the end of the lecture, students will be asked to showcase their own designs as director of the fashion house of their choice, creating a final outfit with non-traditional materials.

A love of fashion!

A1274: Flying and Finesse: Martial Arts and Acrobatics
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Andrew Mao

Learn how to fly. If you are willing to try new things and give 110%, step out of your comfort zone and into the air. Learn to control your body in astounding ways. No experience necessary. You'll never want your feet on the ground again.

A brave heart, Comfortable clothing

Social Science

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E1298: Herodotus: Father of History or Father of Fabrication
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Paul Johnson

Who is Herodotus? What's his education? Where did he get the money to travel? What language did he speak, write, hear? Why would kings talk to him? Did they talk to him? Is he a reporter, a chronicler or simply a con man? What makes his Histories so compelling? Why should we care?

E1297: Understanding the "Supernatural"
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Scott Jung

Have you ever wondered why the "supernatural" interests us? Why do we fear what is uncanny? What is fear?Through this course, we will discover how cold readings (i.e. psychic predictions) and seances work by example. The social, psychological, and philosophical questions stemming from these demonstrations will be discussed afterwards. Skeptics and believers in magic, miracles, and psychic phenomena wanted!

E1275: Buddhism and the Himalayas
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Natalie Friedberg

We'll learn about some cool Buddhist beliefs/mythologies, especially through looking at Buddhist art and symbolism. Students will also learns about the history and political issues of the Himalayas. Be prepared to do a bit of meditation and join the search for Enlightenment!

E1289: Great Black Thinkers
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Walter Quintanilla

This class will discuss how Anténor Firmin, W.E.B. Du Bois and Booker T. Washington challenged and viewed notions of black society in their respective times. We will then discuss these ideas to current issues of race relations and perceptions in America.

E1292: Using games to explain society
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Chaofan Chen

Society is formed from the actions of many individuals. Often, complex structures can arise from people performing simple actions. In this class, we will use simple games to show how complex patterns can arise from a simple set of rules. Be prepared to come and play some games!

E1293: Living Apart: an Introduction to Racial Residential Segregation
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Benjamin Boyajian

Chicago is a racially diverse city, but most of its neighborhoods are not diverse. Many neighborhoods on the South and West sides are over 95% black, while many North side neighborhoods and suburbs are mostly white. In this class, we will learn the history of how Chicago (and similarity many other cities across the nation) became so segregated. If segregation is harmful, then what makes it harmful, and who is affected? Moreover, what can we do to try to end residential segregation? We will discuss these questions in class, so come prepared to talk!

E1291: Revolution!: The Making of History
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Morgane Martinet

Revolutions are pivotal moments in history, when societies change from the inside out. In this course, we'll make those changes happen ourselves, in our own mini-revolution!

Sports and Hobbies

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H1286: Dance Fitness
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Sydelle Keisler

This fitness dance class (similar to Zumba) is a feel-happy workout that combines a motivating fusion of Latin and international music with unique moves and dynamic combinations that allow participants to dance away their worries. It is based on the principle that a workout should be "Fun and Easy to Do." Wear athletic clothing, sneakers, bring a water bottle, and get ready to dance until you sweat!


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H1285: They wrote on clay, and so can you
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Paul Gauthier

In ancient Mesopotamia everything from the great literary epics to the humblest receipt was written on clay in cuneiform writing. In this class students will get a chance to practice writing their own tablets using real clay and a stylus. We will also explore some of the basics of cuneiform writing so by the end of the class students will be able to make a simple cuneiform tablet which they can take home.

Math & Computer Science

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M1290: Thinking About Infinity
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Christopher Natoli

Can you have something bigger than infinity? Do all things of infinite size have the same size? Are there more real numbers than integers? In this class we'll use mathematical rigor to give solid answers to these seemingly nonsensical questions.

Know what integers, rational numbers, and real numbers are.

M1295: Origami: The Original Paper Calculator
Difficulty: **

So let's say you needed to make seven equally-sized columns on a piece of paper. Or maybe you're trying to fold a perfect five-pointed star or calculate a cube root. Or maybe you just want to crumple up a piece of paper, cut once, and have a capital letter pop out.

Origami is magic! Let's find out how!

M1294: String Theory
Difficulty: **

Let's say you want to hang a picture in your room, and you are worried that the 2,000 fans you bought last week to create the wind tunnel in your room will blow it off the wall, so you want to hang it very securely. You start by wrapping string around some nails in a complicated fashion. You are sure it will be super-duper secure, because you wrapped it around three nails a lot of times. Your mother, angry about the electricity bills from running all your fans, comes over and pulls one of your nails out of the wall ... and your picture comes crashing to the ground! Actually, no matter which nail she removes, it falls! What happened?

In this class, you'll be playing with string to solve puzzles like this one, and we'll explore the math behind it all.

**NOT actual string theory. The theory of strings. If you want actual physics-y 11 dimensional string theory, this is not the right class.


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S1284: The Physics of Rainbows
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Andrew Yang

Have you ever wondered how rainbows form? In this class, we will explore the physics of rainbows. We will begin with a description of light and the EM spectrum, and of refraction. We will then learn how light is refracted inside of raindrops to produce rainbows and double rainbows. Finally, we will discuss how the characteristic semicircular and circular shapes of rainbows are produced.

Basic knowledge of geometry (angles).

S1296: This is Your Brain on Brains
Difficulty: **

What types of questions does a brain scientist ask? What can neuroscience tell us about the way we think and feel? Why do zombies like to eat brains? This class will answer two out of these three questions.


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X1276: Green Tea: Not Just Hot Leaf Juice
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Sarah Arehart

Why are some people so obsessed with tea? From the Queen of England to the Emperor of Japan, tea is enjoyed differently throughout the world. In this class, you’ll learn about making and drinking tea the Japanese way. You’ll get to smell, taste, and drink matcha (the classic green tea used in the Japanese tea ceremony), using a unique tea bowl, bamboo scoop, and whisk. Find out why tea is more than “hot leaf juice."

X1282: Turnin Up! - The Art of School Spirit
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Ahmad AbdulRahim

Ever dream of your school going undefeated; winning the State Title; or just beating that arch rival that you always lose to? If so, this is the class for you.

'Turnin' up' is not just for sports though. It teaches students how to motivate and inspire others; how to embrace and empower others; engenders perpetual optimism; and promotes unity and self-esteem.

In this class, we will explore the effects of negative self-talk and the power of postive self-talk, contrast the differences between them and learn how to eliminate the negative voices and cultivate the postive ones. We will look at the power of emotive feeling and positive expression using mediums such as videos, demonstrations, rhythms, beats, music, dance, poetry, literture, rap and freestyle.

A good mood