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VO RAM YOON, Whimsical Third Culture Kid (Bolivia + Korea!)

Major: Public Policy Studies

College/Employer: UChicago

Year of Graduation: 2016

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X1424: How to Read Korean in Splash Spring 15 (May. 02, 2015)
From Korean dramas to K-POP, Korean culture has become popularized since the late 1990's, a phenomenon referred as "Hallyu", or the Korean wave. Currently, there are about 80 million people worldwide who speak Korean. Although Korean is considered to be one of the most difficult languages for English speakers to learn, its alphabet is surprisingly easy to pick up! In this crash course to Korean, you will learn the history of the language as well as how to read its alphabet!

C1238: Cultural Psychology in Splash! Fall 2013 (Oct. 05, 2013)
Culture can be defined as a collection of behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular group of people. From your local Chinatown to the Hispanic community, there are obvious differences from one culture to another. However, do these differences amount to anything more besides distinct cuisines and holidays or can they influence the way we actually think? By examining some psychological experiments, we will explore how culture can affect memory, emotions, and other facets of the mind.

C980: Introduction to Social Psychology in Splash! Fall 2012 (Oct. 06, 2012)
What makes someone attractive? What are the causes of aggression? How far will humans go to please others? In this class, we'll explore the psychology behind a variety of topics from prejudice to conformity. Not only does this class aim to foster interest in psychology, but it also seeks to increase awareness of human nature and social interaction.